Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Have A Lucha Libre Christmas — and Save 25%

Wow! Max becomes a Prince of Lucha Libre in the third book in Xavier Garza’s award winning Lucha Libre series!

Maximilian and the Lucha Libre Club: A Lucha Libre Sequel By Xavier Garza
Junior Library Guild Selection
eBook 978-1-941026-42-7
In this, the third installation of the Max’s Lucha Libre Adventures series, the fights still rage on. As far as Max is concerned, things should just be the way he thinks they should be: he and Cecilia, though she’s moved to LA, are still in love. And the new so-fun girl named Paloma is just only a friend.
At least, that’s how it is according to the myopic Max. But despite all his plans, the match is on between Cecilia and the very-present but maddening Paloma, both vying for the noble wild heart that sixth-grade Max doesn’t quite understand he has. The boy lives a double life. To Leo, he’s a best friend and to Cecilia, he’s a boyfriend but he can’t reveal to either one of them—though he can to Paloma—that in reality, he’s a prince, descended through his mother from royal blood, his uncle the most famous luchador of all time, the very king of lucha libre: The Guardian Angel.  

    Praise for Xavier GarzaMaximilian Series

    Maximilian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel

    2012 Pura Belpré Honor Book        ALA Notable Children’s Books, 2012
    Garza—an author, artist, and storyteller—paints larger-than-life portraits of the luchadores and offers readers authentic insights into the exciting world of lucha libre...Bold, black-and-white comic-style art opens each chapter and gives readers a sense of what the luchadores look like. With its quick pace, humor, and endearing characters, this title—like Garza’s picture book Lucha Libre (2005)—is sure to turn more kids into lucha libre fans. 
    Garza has done it again...a unique middle grade novel that pays homage to the Mexican tradition of masked wrestlers...We don't often see middle grade novels that are bilingual and that include male Latino protagonists. Garza and Cinco Puntos Press have really outdone themselves in hitting on all of these areas that are lacking in the world of children's books...Here's to more books like this in the near future! 

    Maximilian and the Bingo Rematch

    Texas Institute of Letters Award for Best Children's Book 
    Garza employs plenty of humor and a first-person voice that rings true to Maximilian’s character. The story includes enough action to satisfy most fans while broadening its focus to reflect the increasing complexities in the boy’s life…an outstanding choice.

    Short chapters and the bilingual format (English text is on the left with Spanish translation on facing pages) make this book a quick read, great for reluctant readers. Readers who enjoyed the first title will be pleased to continue reading about Max and his family.

    XAVIER GARZA is truly a South Texas legend, but now his legend is growing throughout Texas and the whole country, especially after receiving an ALA Pura Belpre Honor Book designation for his chapter book, Maximillian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel, and critical acclaim in the New York Times for The Great and Mighty Nikko. Young boys, of course, love his great books about lucha libre. A public school teacher, Xavier continues being a prolific author, artist and storyteller in schools and public events. His work is a lively documentation of the dreams, superstitions, and heroes in the bigger-than-life world of South Texas, and he especially enjoys sharing his stories with kids around the country. He lives with his wife and son in San Antonio, Texas. 

    The Great and Mighty Nikko
    A Bilingual Counting Book By Xavier Garza

    Nikko wrestles all of the masked luchadores jumping on his bed. And he counts them at the same time!
    This bilingual counting book makes a great stocking stuffer.  Buy now from Cinco Puntos! 


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    Stop By Cinco Puntos for Black Friday Sales

    Lee, Bobby, Johnny and Mary say “Come on down!” and kick off your holiday shopping at Cinco Puntos Press.

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    Tuesday, November 1, 2016


    This weekend the Texas Book Festival will honor Benjamin Alire Sáenz with the Texas Writer Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to Texas literature. Ben's featured book will be Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club (Cinco Puntos, 2013) which won the Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction that year. 

    Lois Kim, the Director of the Texas Book Festival will be presenting him with the Award. Ben will have a public conversation with his friend Bobby Byrd, a fellow poet and co-publisher of Cinco Puntos Press. The event will be at 11:30 AM, Capitol Extension Room E2.036. A book signing will follow at the Main Book Signing Tent (Congress near 10th Street).

    More good news: Ben will publish two new books in 2017: The Inexplicable Logic of My Life, a YA novel from Clarion Books, and The Last Cigarette on Earth, a book of poems from Cinco Puntos Press.  

    A Short Biography

    Novelist, poet, and writer of children's books, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, was named one of the "Fifty Most Inspiring Authors in the World" by Poets & Writers magazine.

    His collection of short stories Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club is the winner of the prestigious 2013 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, as well as a Lambda Literary Finalist for Gay Fiction. His novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Simon and Schuster) is an Honor Book for the Printz Award, and the winner of the Pura Belpré and the Stonewall Awards. 

    Sáenz was born in 1954 in Old Picacho, a small farming village outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico, forty-two miles north of the U.S. / Mexico border. He was the fourth of seven children and was brought up in a traditional Mexican-American Catholic family. He entered the seminary in 1972, a decision that was as much political as it was religious. After concluding his theological studies at the University of Louvain, he was ordained a Catholic priest. Three and a half years later, he left the priesthood.

    At the age of 30, he entered the University of Texas at El Paso. He later received a fellowship at the University of Iowa. In 1988, he received a Wallace E. Stegner Fellowship in poetry from Stanford University. In 1993, he returned to the border to teach in the bilingual MFA program at UTEP. 

    He is the author of numerous novels, books for children and young adults. His beloved young adult novel Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood, a staple in many high school curricula, was a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize, a Top Ten Best Book for Young Adults, and winner of the Américas Award. 

    His bestselling bilingual children's books include: The Dog who Loved Tortillas, A Gift from Papá Diego, and A Perfect Season for Dreaming

    Sáenz is the author of a previous book of poetry, Calendar of Dust, which won an American Book Award. Cinco Puntos published two of his other books of poetry called Elegies in Blue and the now out of print, Dark and Perfect Angels.

    Monday, October 31, 2016


    Lisa Sandlin’s Debut Novel The Do-Right 
    Wins 2016 Hammett Award

    Lisa Sandlin 
    Trade Paper $16.95 / 978-1-941026-19-9 
    E-Book $16.95 / 978-1-941026-24-3 

    Lisa Sandlin’s novel The Do-Right won the prestigious 2016 Hammett Prize from the International Association of Crime Writers (North America). The Hammett honors literary excellence in the field of crime-writing. This great news comes on the heels of her Shamus Award win for Best Debut Novel given by the Private Eye Writers of America. Plus STARRED Reviews in Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, and a Kirkus BEST BOOK, 2015!

    “The Do-Right”—that’s old Southern talk for prison. Delpha Wade doesn’t want to go back there. Fourteen years is enough.

     “Lisa Sandlin blends pathos, humor, and poetic prose in a strong debut.” —KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW

    “Sandlin’s clipped prose style is pleasingly eccentric, and can become downright Chandleresque.” —PW STARRED REVIEW

    Lisa Sandlin holding the Hammett Award, "The Thin Man" designed by sculptor Peter Bolger. Joining Lisa in the celebration is novelist Vicki Hendricks.

    Meet Delpha Wade

    1973. That’s fourteen years of prison time after Delpha Wade killed a man who was raping her. She wanted to kill the other one too, but he got away. So it’s hard to find a decent job. But Delpha’s persistence pays off. She lands a secretarial job with Tom Phelan, a neophyte private eye. Delpha is smart and prison-wise to human nature. Phelan is a Vietnam vet and an ex-roughneck who lost a finger working the oil rigs out in the Gulf. Together Phelan and Delpha stumble into the dark side of Beaumont, a small blue-collar Cajun city dominated by Big Oil. A mysterious client plots mayhem against company men whose new oilfield product is set to rock the industry. Teenage boys are disappearing and Phelan, following his hunches, uncovers a menagerie of exotic animals and a serial killer. And Delpha—on a weekend outing—looks into the eyes of her rapist, the one who got away. The novel’s conclusion is classic noir, full of surprise, excitement, and karmic justice. Sandlin’s elegant prose, twisting through the dark thickets of human passion, allows Delpha to open her heart again to the wonders of friendship, compassion, and human sexuality.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    You've Been Warned: This Jammin' YA Voice is in Full Effect

    Rani Patel In Full Effect Now Available

    Congratulations to debut author Sonia Patel!

    Starred Reviews for Rani Patel in Full Effect

    “A powerfully particular, 100 percent genuine character commands this gutsy debut.” Kirkus STARRED Review, July 15, 2016 And then Kirkus came back again with more great praise: “It hits on the long term effects of colonialism on culture and religion and economy; it deals with addiction in terms of how it affects people, families, and the larger culture; it deals with politics and protest and community action.” Kirkus, October 3, 2016.

    “Sonia Patel sets her powerful debut novel in 1991, filling it with bygone rap references and an electric verbal blend of Gujarati, slang, Hawaiian pidgin, and the rhymes Rani crafts. Patel compassionately portrays Rani’s entangled emotions, lack of self-confidence, and burgeoning sense of empowerment as she moves forward from trauma.” Publishers Weekly STARRED Review, Aug 1, 2016

    “…Rani's voice, oscillating from righteous anger to thrilling pride, swooning crushes, and heartbreaking insecurity, will resonate with many, even those with little to no familiarity with Rani’s background. Vivid, bold, and passionate.”  Booklist STARRED Review, September 1, 2016

    “Her story will appeal to readers who prefer gritty, darker fiction without a pat, happy ending, and characters who don’t always overcome their challenges but must face them repeatedly. VERDICT A strong, unique choice for YA collections.” School Library Journal STARRED Review, October 11, 2016

    Hip-Hop, Sexual Abuse, and Reconciliation: Sonia Patel on Rani in Full Effect:
    School Library Journal’s Shelley Diaz interview with Sonia Patel, author of Rani Patel in Full Effect. Sept 26, 2016

    What's Up With Rani Patel?

    Almost seventeen, Rani Patel appears to be a kick-ass Indian girl breaking cultural norms as a hip-hop performer in full effect. But in truth, she's a nerdy flat-chested nobody who lives with her Gujarati immigrant parents on the remote Hawaiian island of Moloka'i, isolated from her high school peers by the unsettling norms of Indian culture where "husband is God." Her parents' traditionally arranged marriage is a sham. Her dad turns to her for all his needs—even the intimate ones. When Rani catches him two-timing with a woman barely older than herself, she feels like a widow and, like widows in India are often made to do, she shaves off her hair. Her sexy bald head and hard-driving rhyming skills attract the attention of Mark, the hot older customer who frequents her parents' store and is closer in age to her dad than to her. Mark makes the moves on her and Rani goes with it. He leads Rani into 4eva Flowin', an underground hip hop crew—and into other things she's never done. Rani ignores the red flags. Her naive choices look like they will undo her but ultimately give her the chance to discover her strengths and restore the things she thought she'd lost, including her mother.

    Rani Patel In Full Effect
    Available in hardcover, paperback and digitally.

    eBook 978-1-941026-51-9 $11.95
    Available from your favorite eBook vendor.

    WATCH: Sonia Patel Reads From Rani’s Point of View