Monday, February 16, 2009

The 21st Century Librarian

The New York Times did a nice video on elementary school librarians, aka Information Specialists! The 21st Century Librarian documents a day in the life of Stephanie Rosalia, an elementary librarian in Brighton Beach, NY. The school has a 40%-plus immigrant population diverse as any in the country. As Ms. Rosalia says, she "connects kids with books" and she "connects kids with information." This is a must-see five-minute video that administrators and school boards should see, as well as kids using our nation's libraries. Let's hope Obama's stimulus package to the nation's education system remembers libraries and librarians.

Since I couldn't embed the video (NYT doesn't let you somehow), I found this great image to the left via google images at a fanpop spot that reminds us that libraries are "For folks seeking a quiet spot of refuge." Credit of the image at the site is via Good for you, Aaron Louie.

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