Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love Those Awards #4

Youme Landowne is one of the most courageous and interesting people we know. She's fearless. She travels all over the world, collaborating with children and adults on art and humanitarian work. She feels that part of her art is listening, and she opens herself up to listen to people others might not care to hear. That's how the story of Pitch Black began, when she decided to listen to Anthony Horton, a resident of the New York City subway underground, a man who clearly needed someone to lend an ear. Thus began a two-year collaboration which ended in this remarkable graphic novel, our first and the winner of many prizes.

Skipping Stones Honor Award

Bank Street’s Best Children’s Books of the Year, 2009
(Bank Street Books is the wonderful children's bookstore on the upper west side of NYC near Bank Street College and Columbian University. It's the place to go on-line or in person if you want to know what's happening in literature for young readers.)

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youme landowne said...

Thank you for your support and all of the amazing stories that you help to bring to wonderful readers everywhere!

p.s. It looks like I will be reading in Detroit July 9th at the Book Beat http://www.thebookbeat.com/shop/. All are welcome!!