Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Those Awards #5

Claudia Guadalupe Martinez is a puro voice from the U.S. Mexico border. Her style comes out of the tradition of Francisco Jimenez, author of The Circuit and other books that speak of the melancholy and the loneliness of people on the edge. She sent us her manuscript several years ago. We saw immediately that she knew what she was doing. She has a clean, lyrical voice. But the book wasn't ready. We sent it back to her, said it needed work. She didn't reply. Six months later, it came back to us, still clean, still lyrical, still not ready. We sent it back. No word. Six months later it came back again, much cleaner. This went on for several years, until finally The Smell of Old Lady Perfume was ready. We're very proud of it and amazed at what Claudia has accomplished. She is persistent!

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