Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Youme Landowne, Anthony Horton, Nura Qureshi

Youme Landowne
, Anthony Horton and Nura Qureshi--John Byrd took this great photo of the three collaborators of the graphic memoir PITCH BLACK, DON'T BE SKERD (Nura, a photographer currently working in Cambodia and Germany, took the powerful portrait). The occasion was the Book Exposition of America held this year at the beginning of June at the Javits Center in New York City. The BEA is the BIG event of the publishing years--acres and acres of books and thousands of trade people wandering the aisles and talking the talk. The first time you go, especially if you are a small independent publisher, it can be overwhelming. But now, especially because we're in the Consortium aisle with a bunch of really great publishers and colleagues, it's fun and rewarding. So Youme, Anthony and Noury came by to promote Pitch Black. Thanks to each of them!

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