FELIZ NAVIDAD! A Christmas Card, #2

Dear Friends and Fans of Cinco Puntos,

Just a little bit more Christmas greetings. We wanted to share snapshots of the folks who work here at Cinco Puntos. The first is from our Christmas Party. It was the only time our two great interns--Amanda Mata and Sergio Rosales--have been at our office at the same time. Both grew up in El Paso and both knew about Cinco Puntos and our books before applying for internships.

Sergio was a student at UTEP when he applied, but his dream was to transfer to New York University, where he wished to pursue a career in publishing. And the first step of his plan has worked. He's off to NYU the first week of January. We wish him well. Amanda has just been with us for a month. She's a student of Dartmouth and is in El Paso while her plans for studying abroad get finalized. In June she heads to Prague. Both Amanda and Sergio have been wonderful assets to the Cinco Puntos family. We ask interns to do all and everything, the same stuff that we do, but we also make it our business that they learn all they can about the publishing industry, especially from an "independent press" point of view. They get to attend meetings, read books being considered for publication and learn about all the nuts and bolts of what we do to keep the boat afloat. We believe they get good experience in this strange business. By the way, the goofy guy on the right is me, Booby Byrd, co-publisher of Cinco Puntos. The beverage we are drinking is not champagne, but a delicious carbonated apple juice that Cactus Mary brought to the party.

These are the folks who make Cinco Puntos get from one day to the next. Starting from the right is Rose Hill. Rose is our IT Manager, doing all the website and newsletter hocus-pocus, but like the rest of us, she puts on all sorts of hats during a single day. Mary Fountaine is next in line. Mary is our Order Fulfillment Manager. That means she manages the warehouse, and she also manages the retail space, plus other bits and pieces of the biz. And the handsome man on the left is Michael Drapes, our accountant. He visits us once a week, usually Friday, bringing us his remarkable head for numbers, his good spirits and, when we're very lucky, some delicacy that he's cooked up at home. The reason they are all here in this snapshot is yesterday was INVENTORY DAY. Mary, Rose and Michael have been counting books all day. The year is ending.

And finally, here's Lee Byrd and son Johnny Byrd. They seem so at ease and at peace in this photograph, huh? John is our Business Manager, or CFO, but really he's involved in every nook and cranny of Cinco Puntos. Without his steady presence over the last few years, Cinco Puntos would not have continued. Lee of course is Co-Publisher and serves as Acquisitions Editor and Managing Editor. No CPP book leaves the building without Lee having read it at least five or six times.

We wish you all a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year. And we also send out our wishes and prayers for peace and justice for our friends and neighbors in the City of Juarez just five minutes from our business. 


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