"Miller is as quirky and delightful as ever, treating the Southwest as a vast midden from which he plucks many odorous but tasty treasures. The fun, as usual, comes from watching Tom digest."--Larry McMurtry

Cinco Puntos is delighted to have published Tom Miller's Revenge of the Saguaro. It's a wacky ride through the peculiar cultural and intellectual geography of the American Southwest. During the Tucson Book Festival in March, where Tom was busy interviewing writers (Luis Urrea, for instance, in a standing-room-only 340 seat auditorium, where Luis waved his new graphic novel from CPP, Mr Mendoza's Paintbrush--thank you, Luis, thank you, Tom), giving workshops, talking about books and signing them, we caught up with him to give us a brief interview about his own very new CPP book, REVENGE OF THE SAGUARO. The interview is puro Tom, full of wit and curiosity. We're delighted to have a reason now to talk to Tom more often.

Two notes before you watch the video. One, if you're reading this on FACEBOOK, go here to watch the video, and/or I'll post it in the video section of FACEBOOK. Two, publishing leads us through peculiar trails. In looking for a cover image, Tom told us about an image that painter Roger Brown did occasioned by the same incident--Death by Raging Saguaro--that inspired the title of Tom's book and one of the essays. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which received much of Brown's art upon his death, was kind enough to let us use the painting for our cover. As you can see, it's perfect. And the discovery of Roger Brown's art, and reading about his unique life, was one more reason that we are very glad to be publishers. It's an occupation that is constantly rewarding our minds, hearts and imagination. 


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