Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home from Tierra del Fuego: David Waag and Roseanna Andrade

Book people are so cool. Back in the Spring of last year David Waag and Roseanna Andrade bought a sweet red Toyota Land Cruiser, David quit his cherry job as Independent Southwest Sales Rep for Consortium Book Sales and Distribution (Karel/Dutton Group) and together they headed out for Tierra del Fuego at the tail end of South America. They made a wonderfully successful journey full of stories and lessons learned. Now they're done and back on this side of the border and they graced us with a stop off in El Paso to talk and laugh and dream about the future. David is thinking about getting a job in retail sales. Books, of course. He and Roseanna are truly book people. And who knows? Maybe in their future a bookstore of their own.

NEWSBREAK: That great independent bookstore Collected Works of Santa Fe has hired David, and he and Roseanna will be settling in northern New Mexico in the near future. It's good news for Collected Works, it's good news for independent book publishing and it good news for Cinco Puntos to have a good friend nearby. David and Roseanna are avid hikers, bikers and campers. The mountains will enjoy their presence.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cinco Puntos Press at the L.A. Times Bookfestival, Booth 349

Cinco Puntos debuts its hand-crafted, twenty-fifth anniversary shopping bags at this weekend’s L.A. Times Festival of Books. If you are in Los Angeles this weekend, visit us at Booth 349. Author and illustrator Jose Lozano joins us Saturday at 3pm in the afternoon to sign his book, Once Around the Block. Be the first person on your block with the commemorative bag. Johnny Byrd will be in the booth with our special guest retailer ex-Sales Rep David Waag, freshly back in country after a one-year journey to Tierra del Fuego with his wife Roseanna Andrade.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush Release Party: April 28, Brooklyn

Here's a rare treat for New York fans. On April 28, Word Books in Brooklyn is hosting a release party for Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush, the new graphic novel by Luis Alberto Urrea and artist Christopher Cardinale. In the years that Christopher and Luis have worked on this wonderful book, they have been in the same city at the same time exactly twice. The opportunity to have the two of them together to celebrate their book was so enticing that Cinco Puntos arranged to have an advance shipment of Mr. Mendoza’s Paintbrush available for Word. If you miss this event, there will not be another opportunity to buy this book until June. This really is a unique chance to meet the book’s collaborators.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cinco Puntos Loves Librarians, Texas Style

Left to Right: Ruth Sageibel, Mary Milligan, Felice Feldman, Dorcus Hand, Beth Thames, (upper row) Dana Hutchins and Sue Hall, lower row Martha Edmundson and Loriene Roy, and Lee Byrd. Joe Hayes is the tall guy. Bobby Byrd is the silly guy standing on a chair, taking the photograph and celebrating his 68th birthday all at the same time.
We love librarians! And here’s a great group to love, a few of the many wonderful Texas librarians we met at the Texas Library Association conferernce in San Antonio. This great group joined Joe Hayes and us for breakfast to celebrate our 25th anniversary at the MadHatters in San Antonio. Our good friend Mary Milligan, a mover and shaker in the world of San Antonio library life (and also the wife of the very independent publisher Bryce Milligan of Wings Press), helped us with the event. Just by chance, we invited the librarian, Sue Hall, who runs the library at Woodridge Elementary where our own granddaughter, Emma Birdie Byrd, goes to 4th grade.

Joe Hayes can’t resist the chance to tell a good story, so he told this group an Aesop's story about a donkey that gets thrown into a river and can’t swim. The moral of the story was don't simply do what others tell you to do, otherwise you could lose your...! Wonder if any of them remembered to re-tell it to their kids!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


For those of you on FACEBOOK 
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who want to see this very fun video of young people 
creating and using their language, go youtube.com here. 
And we'll post it on Facebook also. 

(NOTE: Thanks to poetbloggista Ron Silliman for turning us onto this video.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

American Indian Critic Debbie Reese praises SALTYPIE

Easter Weekend brought Tim Tingle, Karen Clarkson and Cinco Puntos Press a wonderful gift. Debbie Reese pulled out all the stops in her praise of Tim's forthcoming (June 2010) new book Saltypie, A Choctaw Journey from Darkness to Light. Choctaw artist and first time book illustrator Karen Clarkson received equal praise for her acurate depiction of modern Indian life. Debbie Reese is an American Indian (NambĂ© Pueblo), children's lit critic who specializes in indigenous issues and who is a very influential blogger @ American Indians in Children's Literature--Critical perspectives of indigenous peoples in children's books, the school curriculum, popular culture, and society-at-large. I use the whole subtitle in directing you to her blog so that you can get a sense of the wide ranging issues that she writes about. Please become a fan of Debbie's blog and keep up with these import issues in literature, culture and society concerning the indigenous peoples. 

"American Indians are not an ethnic group. We are not a minority culture, and we are not people of color. WE ARE SOVEREIGN NATIONS." --Debbie Reese

We at Cinco Puntos take great pride in Debbie’s review. From our inception, we’ve published multi-cultural and diverse books. We believe, as we’ve said before, “Books are mirrors, books are windows.” We want kids and adults to see themselves in our books, we want kids and adults from different cultures to see and understand the experiences of others. Thus, we make every effort to ensure that the writers and illustrators reflect fully the culture and experience of the book. We want our books to be a true experience. Saltypie is a perfect example of this aim, and we are so delighted that the book strikes such a deep chord in Debbie’s heart.