Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cinco Puntos Loves Librarians, Texas Style

Left to Right: Ruth Sageibel, Mary Milligan, Felice Feldman, Dorcus Hand, Beth Thames, (upper row) Dana Hutchins and Sue Hall, lower row Martha Edmundson and Loriene Roy, and Lee Byrd. Joe Hayes is the tall guy. Bobby Byrd is the silly guy standing on a chair, taking the photograph and celebrating his 68th birthday all at the same time.
We love librarians! And here’s a great group to love, a few of the many wonderful Texas librarians we met at the Texas Library Association conferernce in San Antonio. This great group joined Joe Hayes and us for breakfast to celebrate our 25th anniversary at the MadHatters in San Antonio. Our good friend Mary Milligan, a mover and shaker in the world of San Antonio library life (and also the wife of the very independent publisher Bryce Milligan of Wings Press), helped us with the event. Just by chance, we invited the librarian, Sue Hall, who runs the library at Woodridge Elementary where our own granddaughter, Emma Birdie Byrd, goes to 4th grade.

Joe Hayes can’t resist the chance to tell a good story, so he told this group an Aesop's story about a donkey that gets thrown into a river and can’t swim. The moral of the story was don't simply do what others tell you to do, otherwise you could lose your...! Wonder if any of them remembered to re-tell it to their kids!!!!


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration!

I swept by the booth a few times and looked for a chance to say hello, but y'all were always busy talking to librarians and I didn't want to interrupt. Glad to see things were so hopping at the booth, though!

Cinco Puntos Press said...

Oh, we're sorry we missed you! I heard you were at TLA, either from Loreine Roy or from Tim Tingle,or maybe from one of the librarians. We're going to keep on celebrating all year,so maybe soon you can join us. Lee