Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home from Tierra del Fuego: David Waag and Roseanna Andrade

Book people are so cool. Back in the Spring of last year David Waag and Roseanna Andrade bought a sweet red Toyota Land Cruiser, David quit his cherry job as Independent Southwest Sales Rep for Consortium Book Sales and Distribution (Karel/Dutton Group) and together they headed out for Tierra del Fuego at the tail end of South America. They made a wonderfully successful journey full of stories and lessons learned. Now they're done and back on this side of the border and they graced us with a stop off in El Paso to talk and laugh and dream about the future. David is thinking about getting a job in retail sales. Books, of course. He and Roseanna are truly book people. And who knows? Maybe in their future a bookstore of their own.

NEWSBREAK: That great independent bookstore Collected Works of Santa Fe has hired David, and he and Roseanna will be settling in northern New Mexico in the near future. It's good news for Collected Works, it's good news for independent book publishing and it good news for Cinco Puntos to have a good friend nearby. David and Roseanna are avid hikers, bikers and campers. The mountains will enjoy their presence.

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