Tuesday, May 25, 2010


HOW: Beer & Mexican Cookies (aka Galletas)from Gussie's on Piedras Street
WHERE: Booth 4504, BOOK EXPOSITION OF AMERICA, Javits Center in the Consortium Aisle
WHEN: 4pm, Wednesday, May 26th
WHO: BOBBY BYRD and JOHNNY BYRD will be your hosts, pouring beer, serving cookies, and talking the talk.

Yup, Cinco Puntos is celebrating 25 Years of publishing unique and interesting books. They (whoever they are—we’ve always wondered who they are) said it couldn’t be done—an independent press on the U.S./Mexico Border! But lucky for us. We discovered that publishing is like writing—truly an act of self-discovery. So there we were on the very edge of America, publishing great books with these unique ingredients—the magical city of El Paso, hard work, good friends in abundance and lots of good luck coming in our direction. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years!


CYNTHIA WEILL: Signing books in the BEA signing area Wednesday, 2-3pm. Cynthia—writer, folk art specialist and educator--is the author of the highly successful First Concepts in Mexican Folk Art. She’ll be signing her newest book in the collection, Colores de la Vida.

Artist CHRISTOPHER CARDINALE: Signing books in the BEA signing area Thursday, 3:30-4:30. Christopher is the acclaimed illustrator of MR. MENDOZA’S PAINTBRUSH with Luis Alberto Urrea.

Both will be at the party as well as a moveable feast of writers and book industry professionals who are always stopping by in the Consortium aisle. We hope to see you this week.

Friday, May 21, 2010

CPP does New York City

Elinor Nauen and Lee Byrd
Union Square, May 2010

Independent publishing, although fraught with all sorts of uncertainties, can be miraculous and it also can distribute little gifts along the way. Some gifts we receive every year--our annual visits to New York City for Sales Conference where we meet with the Consortium sales team and the independent reps who are out in the world selling our books. When we're there, of course, we spend time wandering around the city before and after. And we get to visit with friends, many of whom are also authors that we publish. Elinor Nauen is a poet we met through our good friend the poet Eileen Myles. Elinor submitted a manuscript to us, The ABCs of Marriage, which we will be publishing in the spring, 2010. It's a New York funky celebration of her marriage in poetry to Johnny Stanton who we got to meet at a dinner shortly after this photograph was taken. Of course, we were enjoying ourselves so much at the dinner that I forgot to take a picture of Johnny. I did run into Johnny again, however. At the St. Mark's Bookshop in the East Village, one of the great independent bookstores, I bought a copy of Ron Padgett's memoir of the late great Ted Berrigan, simply called TED, a great book for subway reading if you're a poet or a fan of poetry. But that's where I saw Johnny Stanton again, riff #91, playing the game TRUTH with Ron and Ted. That made me happy. I like it when life starts connecting all the dots.

One day Lee and I went down to Chinatown to see the work of a folk artist, a Chinese man who makes little sculptures from grass. Then we ate and wandered around, coming eventually to Columbus Park. Lee, of course, is President of Cinco Puntos Press, Incorporated. That's okay. She still knows how to dance.

--Bobby Byrd

Thursday, May 20, 2010

SERGIO ROSALES in the Big Apple

During Sales Conference in NYC, our intern from last year, Sergio Rosales, came to our presentation for our fall list, and afterwards we took him out to lunch at the French Roast. Sergio grew up in Chapparal, NM, and went to La Jeff in El Paso. A student at UTEP for his Freshman and part of his Sophomore year, Sergio decided he wanted to work in publishing, and the best place to get a foot in the door was in New York City. He decided to go to NYU, but to do that he needed some more zap on his resume. He applied to serve as an intern at CPP. He got some zap. And he was a great help to us, and we were delighted to see him in NYC. We even introduced him to a few other independent publishers. His foot's in the door.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Youme Landowne

My big question for the world is, 
“How much power do we have 
and how much power can we share?” 
--Youme Landowne

Author J.L. (aka Jessica) Powers recently interviewed Youme Landowne, writer and illustrator of books for young people. The interview was done in part as preparation for Jessica's upcoming lecture on children's literature at Vermont College of Fine Arts program on Writing for Children and Young Adults in which she'll be featuring Youme's work. Youme's upcoming book from Cinco Puntos Press is Mali Under the Night Sky (October 2010). The interview wanders deeply into the core of what Youme wants to do with her work in celebrating and encouraging the children of the world. Like Jessica, we at Cinco Puntos think Youme is creating books that are a unique vision of what can be done in changing the world of politics in which we live. Indeed, hers are a good reason to keep on publishing books. Here's a very short sample of the much longer interview:
Jessica: All of your books have been about homelessness in some way. Why are you so fascinated with the topic?

: I think it has to do with the questions I have about the world. Really, we all have a home—our home is our body on the planet. But there’s the central question of how could anyone not have a home, how could we as humans keep each other from what we need? Of course, hunger is even more fundamental than that, but from my own experience if we have a base, we can get what we need, but if we don’t have a base, there’s no foundation for getting what we need. I think I’m trying to explore the idea that we’re responsible for ourselves and at the same time we’re responsible for each other.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Storyteller Joe Hayes visits Ochoa Elementary in Donna, Texas

Joe Hayes told stories last week at the A.M. Ochoa Elementary School in Donna, Texas. As you can see from the video the school produced, the kids had a wonderful time. A short video, it's a great collage of photographs of Joe telling stories, the kids enjoying themselves and the apres-storytelling when the kids line up to shake Joe's hand. If you want to know more about Joe and his visits to schools, visit his page at the Cinco Puntos website here.