Thursday, May 20, 2010

SERGIO ROSALES in the Big Apple

During Sales Conference in NYC, our intern from last year, Sergio Rosales, came to our presentation for our fall list, and afterwards we took him out to lunch at the French Roast. Sergio grew up in Chapparal, NM, and went to La Jeff in El Paso. A student at UTEP for his Freshman and part of his Sophomore year, Sergio decided he wanted to work in publishing, and the best place to get a foot in the door was in New York City. He decided to go to NYU, but to do that he needed some more zap on his resume. He applied to serve as an intern at CPP. He got some zap. And he was a great help to us, and we were delighted to see him in NYC. We even introduced him to a few other independent publishers. His foot's in the door.

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