Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poets die too: Leslie Scalapino and Peter Orlovsky

Cinco Puntos Press--with so many others in the greatly diverse world of American poetry and literature--mourns the passing over the Memorial Day Weekend of poets Leslie Scalapino and Peter Orlovsky. Leslie, besides being a remarkable and influential poet, was an independent publisher and an activist in the community of writers and publishing. Her imprint is O Books, "Publisher of Innovative Works." Best place to learn about Peter Orlovsky, who will be linked in mainstream media as simply the lover of his more famous partner Allen Ginsberg, is Tom Clark's beautiful eulogy link to above. Their spirit of their breath will be missed, their words and actions will be with us.

Leslie Scalapino, 1944-2010

Peter Orlovsky, 1933-2010

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TC said...


Very sweet and moving remembrance.

Too many passings.

Good point about the mainstream media gossip concentration re. putative satellite importances.

Nothing is anything but itself and that might go double in Peter's case.

All the best,