David Thompson, May he rest in peace

with his wife McKenna

David Thompson--aka publisher of Busted Flush Press and manager of Murder by the Book Bookstore in Houston--died suddenly Monday at the age of 37. He was a sweet man, a guy who loved what he did, did it very well and stirred the waters gently in the world of crime fiction in the United States. He loved what he did. It radiated from. I knew him as a colleague because Busted Flush is also distributed by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, and Johnny Byrd and I looked very much forward to visiting with David and McKenna at Murder by the Book in late October. David was very excited about Lone Star Noir, an anthology of crime fiction that Johnny and I edited for Akashic Books. David, the generous man that he was, suggested writers and helped me track down others. He was a good guy, a friend to many.

I strongly suggest this link that will take you to novelist Alafair Burke's (yes, that first name is familiar to mystery lovers) blog. It's well worth the read. She really touches upon David the gentle man. Also, follow her link to the Houston Chronicle article about David's romancing of McKenna. Or maybe it was vice versa.

May David rest in peace.


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