Cinco Puntos Holiday Gift Guide

Perplexed over what to buy your persnickety loved ones? Look no further! The Cinco Puntos Holiday Gift Guide has you covered with presents for family, friends and Secret Santas alike. And there's a lot more where these came from! If you still can't make a decision, visit our website or stop by our store at 701 Texas Avenue in downtown El Paso for our complete collection of stories for children, bilingual classics, YA fiction and books for all of us who are old enough to walk up to the bar and order a hot toddy or Irish coffee to warm ourselves for the Holidays! Remember, Cinco Puntos is celebrating our 25th Anniversary, so folks at the store get a 25% discount. Or make life easy by getting 15% off at the website. Happy Holidays, everybody! Thanks for keeping us alive and well for all these many years.



The hilarious retelling of a Christmas Classic. Meet Santa’s newest helper: his cousin Pancho, a farmer and former mariachi singer living in South Texas. When Pancho volunteers to help Santa deliver presents to all the children on the Texas/Mexico border, things take a turn for the fantastic, complete with a magical wagon, an adorable helper elf, and yes, even Flying Burritos.
Winner of the Tejas Star Book Award
Written and Illustrated by Xavier Garza
$17.95 Hardback | $8.95 Paperback | Bilingual | Ages 5+

Joe Hayes' newest bilingual book. A wealthy landowner bets the farm that trusted employee Juan Verdades cannot tell a lie. When the daughter of the man who stands to win the bet tricks Juan into making a foolish mistake, Juan wonders if he can admit it. This clever and heart-felt retelling is beautifully illustrated in dreamy earth tones.
By Joe Hayes • Illustrated by Joseph Daniel Fielder
$8.95 Paperback | Bilingual | Ages 8+

Ben Saenz at his best! In this endearing, richly told story, an old man tells his granddaughter about the nine most beautiful dreams of his lifetime. Younger children will enjoy the bright colors and counting aspects while older readers and adults alike appreciate the textured meanings of Octavio Rivera’s wondrous dreamscapes.
Best Book for Children, Texas Institute of Letters
By Benjamin Alire Sáenz • Illustrated by Esau Andrade Valencia
$17.95 Hardback | $8.95 Paperback | Bilingual | Ages 5+

Another brand new story from Joe Hayes! This time ‘round the teller of tall tales explains exactly what happens when a skunk falls in love… with a particularly stinky pair of sneakers. Start a collection of Joe Hayes' tall tales and get The Gum-Chewing Rattler too.
L.A. Times Holiday Book Gift Guide selection
By Joe Hayes • Illustrated by Antonio Castro L.
$16.95 Hardback | English | Ages 7+

A wonderful introduction to Mexican culture, 3 year-old Little Lalo plays the lotería cards and counts as his possessions the sun, the moon, a lion, a fish, a clown, a train, and the crown on his head. Each card in Lalo’s kingdom has its own page, illustrated with a playful, brightly colored woodcut.
Written and illustrated by Artemio Rodríguez
Best Design of a Trade Book Award Finalist, TIL
$12.95 Hardback | Bilingual | Ages 2+

Based on the book, snag this beautifully-designed game of luck and you can have as much fun as Lalo every time you play lotería with friends and family! But the set and save! Purchase The King of Things and Loteria Game for only $20— a $7.95 savings!

Designed and illustrated by Artemio Rodríguez
$15.00 Card Game | 2-8 Players


Be careful growing up in the green, wet, mango-sweet Mexican village of Rosario, where dead corpses rise up out of the cathedral walls during July when it always floods; where vast silver mines beneath the town occasionally collapse causing a whole section of the village to drop out of sight; where a man with a paintbrush, to wit Mr. Mendoza, is the town’s self-appointed conscience.
2010 Kirkus Best Books for Teens
By Luis Alberto Urrea • Illust. by Christopher Cardinale
$17.95 Hardback | English | Ages 12+

Go underground in this dark yet hopeful story of survival deep in the forgotten tunnels of the New York City subway system. Anthony Horton— abandoned youth, wandering soul, art lover— is your tour guide. You won’t regret the ride.
By Youme Landowne & Anthony Horton
Illustrated by Youme Landowne
$17.95 Hardback | English | Ages 14+



18 year-old Zach ponders life, God and other obstacles as a patient at a therapeutic residential program for alcoholism and post-traumatic stress in this evocative and graceful story of redemption and recovery.
Editor's Choice Award, Library Media Connection
By Benjamin Alire Sáenz
$16.95 Paperback | English | Ages 15+

Now available in paperback only from Cinco Puntos Press! Set in a 1960s Las Cruces barrio, Sammy navigates love and loss in this classic Latino YA novel.
By Benjamin Alire Sáenz
Winner of the Americás Award
Outstanding Books for the College Bound, ALA
$19.95 Hardback | $11.95 Paperback | English | Ages 14+



The True Crime Classic people can’t stop talking about— now in a brand new edition! Featuring a preface from writer Charles Bowden, and updated introduction and epilogue. Uncover the hidden history of Mexico’s drug trade from the beginning with unheard-of access to the original cartel kingpin, Pablo Acosta.
By Terrence Poppa
$16.95 Paperback | English

The best seat in the house! Like Boston for the American Revolution, El Paso, Texas and sister city Juárez, Chihuahua served as the intellectual crucible for the Mexican Revolution. A can’t-put-down read with dazzling images and unforgettable storytelling.
Southwest Book Award Winner
By David Dorado Romo
$26.95 Paperback | English

The photographs in Las Soldaderas and Elena Poniatowska’s commentary rescue the women of the Mexican Revolution from the dust and oblivion of history. Without the soldaderas there is no Mexican Revolution—they kept it alive and fertile, like the earth.
By Elena Poniatowska
Photos courtesy of The Casasola Collection
The Southwest in full of mystery and lost treasure. But this treasure hunt ends up in the strange corridors of the human heart. In 1937, a con man and an unlicensed chiropodist known as Doc Noss discovered fabulous treasure inside a New Mexico mountain named after the Apache chief Victorio. 
By Robert Boswell and David Schweidel
$15.00 Hardback | English


This unsettling anthology features over a dozen hard-boiled noir tales (quite a few penned by Cinco Puntos alums) with Texas’ lonely, dusty landscape as the backdrop. Put out by our publishing pals at Akashic as part of their acclaimed Noir Series.
Edited by Bobby Byrd and John William Byrd
$15.95 Paperback | English

Sex, murder and gun-toting poets in post-Revolutionary Mexico City. Dominoes are played by all. This unforgettable tale from Mexico’s primo crime writer follows four quirky, tormented men on a secret mission to snuff out conspiring government officials, corrupt army officers and American industrialists.
By Paco Ignacio Taibo II • Translation by William I. Neuman
$13.95 Paperback | English


Created in the spirit of the Beat Generation’s music-and-verse marriage, a retrospective album of Bobby Byrd’s poetry set against the pensive soundscapes and guitar noodlings of El Paso’s own resident rock star Jim Ward (At the Drive-In, Sleepercar). A dreamy listen for a chilly winter’s night, and a must-have for any music collector.
By Bobby Byrd and Jim Ward
$15.95 CD

All of these items— and lots more— are available on our website, for a 15% discount and at our storefront at 701 Texas Ave. in downtown El Paso for the 25% discount.

Have a great holiday season from all of us at Cinco Puntos Press!


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