Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cinco Puntos: East Coast, West Coast, Babies Everywhere

Please welcome to the world Esme Kingston Frame, baby daughter of Elena Marinaccio and Andy Frame. Elena worked for Cinco Puntos for several months, end of 2010, but alas, husband Andy left the army and the family moved back to New York so Elena could have this marvelous baby. Not to worry, Elena did so well, we opened up our East Coast office where Elena works for us in her home, Baby Esme at her side. Elena is our IT Administrator and Assistant Editor. Baby Esme is simply happy.

Which reminded us: Cinco Puntos never announced our West Coast office, likewise staffed by an in-house CPP alum with baby, Jessica Powers (aka J.L. Powers, her nom de plume, a phrase I’ve never used). Jessica worked for us several years in the early 2000s, helping us wander into the strange territory of Young Adult literature. She went off to Stanford to study for her PhD in African studies, went to Africa pursuing her studies living with a family there and getting a foothold in the Zulu language, decided what she really wanted to do was to be a writer for young adults. She wrote The Confessional (Knoph, 2007). Her next novel came to us. We loved it. This Thing Called the Future--a coming of age story of a young woman growing up in South Africa is being shipped to book stores right now. In the process, Jessica fell in love with publishing again, and she’s working as Senior Editor for Cinco Puntos in the Bay Area. Thus, our West Coast Office! Technology is so cool. Jessica and her husband Chris Gibson are the proud parents of Nesta, a baby boy, now six months old. They named him Nesta to honor Bob Marley, a hero of husband Chris and to many others the world round. Nesta was Marley’s first original name. Don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is going to be alright. That's what Nesta says. He's got those big brown eyes.

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