Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Our good friend Dennis Maloney of the inimitable White Pine Press is selling his massive forty year collection full of autographed and first edition books from the likes of Robert Bly, Pablo Neruda and Michael McClure. Poetry, prose—even some magazines!— Maloney's personal bookshelves include collections from Gary Snyder, various Native American poets, Robert Creeley and so many others.

Dennis Maloney, like me, came to poetry and publishing through following those rabbit trails of poetics laid out for us by the New American Poets (and others) canonized by Donald Allen. Dennis also wandered off on his own into the Japanese and Chinese poets as a translator and a scholar. His library will be full of beautiful and important and collectable books. Besides, White Pine Press deserves our support. It's done the work, it's walked the walk, and our home libraries are peppered with that good work.
—Bobby Byrd

Click here to browse through the list of titles. Proceeds go to support White Pine Press.

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