Yes, Johnny Byrd did get married!

Cinco Puntos Puntos is delighted to announce that, Yes, the rumor is true. Johnny Byrd married the truly wonderful Ailbhe Cormack. It was a truly marvelous three-day event, and it's taken Lee and me this whole last week to begin to recuperate. Meanwhile, Ailbhe and Johnny are honeymooning in Spain. Last word from them is that they walk around Barcelona holding hands and drinking cafe con leche. Many thanks to all well-wishers. Meanwhile, the business runs along without him, although we miss him greatly. He'll be back in the office and jet-legged the end of October. --Bobby

[Note: the photos below are by our close friend, the artist Jill Somoza.]

Ailbhe and Johnny: The first dance as husband and wife

Lee, the very happy mother of the groom, immediately after the ceremony

And Bobby, the equally happy father of the groom


Lindsey Lane said…
Huge Congratulations to all!

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