Friday, January 27, 2012

Helen of Troy and the Literacy Triangle

Books are windows, Books are mirrors. 

Cinco Puntos is honored to have participated with El Paso's own Helen of Troy Corporation in providing books for children in El Paso's south side. We call this "The Literacy Triangle." Cinco Puntos partners with a corporation and an institution to give books to children, thereby providing relevant books to young readers.

Four school libraries--Aoy Elementary, Douglas Elementary, Guillen Middle School and La Fe Preparatory Charter School--received gifts certificates of $250 each. Librarians, and in one case the school principal and four exceptional reading students--came down to our offices and selected from our array of bilingual and multicultural titles.

Many thanks to Helen of Troy and, in particular, to President and CEO Jerry Rubin who grew up not far from where these kids go to school.

 Librarian Carol Gonzalez, Aoy Elementary

Librarian Sandra Byer, Douglas Elementary

Librarian Brenda Marin, Guillen Middle School

School Principal Karina Silva along with exceptional readers Bruno Sotelo (5th Grade), Leila De Pasavale (3rd Grade), Gabriel Scott (4th Grade) and Liliana Dominguez (2nd Grade).

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