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Pig Park  Gabi A Girl in Pieces  

Novels for Young Adults
Celebrated Latina Authors      The D-Bow Hoops Series
Ghosts & Teen Romance

Cinco Puntos has the perfect stocking stuffers for the young adult readers in your life. For teenage girls interested in real-life high school struggles, try these two celebrated novels by rising Latina stars Isabel Quintero and Claudia Guadalupe Martinez.
Shirley Vernick shines, too, with her new novel about ghosts and sexy high school romance, 
The Black Butterfly.​ 

For the b-ballers on your list, Kevin Waltman's series is a great choice. This season, he scores again with Slumpthe sophomore installment of his D-Bow High School Hoops Series.

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Adult Novels

Of course, there are also books for you and me. Our latest offerings include great page-turning novels for best friends and your own wintertime reading table. 
A Tightly Raveled Mind
A Tightly Raveled Mind
Diane Lawson’s hot new mystery novel, A Tightly Raveled Mind.  ”A cunning, elegantly written comedy of manners in the form of a murder mystery in which a psychoanalyst finds her wealthy clientele dropping. Literally…This shrink can really throw it down.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Lawson, Diane
ISBN 9781935955924
$USD $16.95 · CAD $18.50 ·Trade Paper
The Amado Women
The Amado Women
Désirée Zamorano’s Amado Women celebrated by none other than Dagoberto Gilb: “Far from the cholos and maids of a cliché Latino Los Angeles, these beautiful Amado women dine at chichi hotels and restaurants, carry plush designer bags, and steer new cars into suburbias. But Zamorano doesn’t leave it at that—because even an American dream-fulfilled life is still full of real life, and what alone endures is family.”

Zamorano, Désirée
ISBN 9781935955733
$USD $16.95 · CAD $18.50 ·Trade Paper
Cold Type
Cold Type
It’s not all a woman’s world. In Cold Type New York Times columnist Harvey Araton tells a gripping tale of the newspaper industry in New York City when things were beginning to fall apart. Robert Lypsite says, “Father and son face their demons, each other, and a depressingly realistic publisher in a newspaper yarn that made me yell ‘Hold the front page!’”

Araton, Harvey
ISBN 9781935955719
$USD $15.95 · CAD $17.50 ·Trade Paper
Otherwise, My Life is Ordinary
Otherwise, My Life is Ordinary
Looking for stocking stuffers? Throw in Bobby Byrd’s new book of poems, Otherwise, My Life is OrdinaryWhy? Because Bobby makes a good pot of beans.

Growing up in Memphis, #3:
In 1952 Dewey Phillips invented Elvis.
It happened on the radio.
Rock n' Roll saved my life.
In 1960 the bad guys sold Elvis into slavery.
Don't let anybody tell you different.
Bryd, Bobby
ISBN 9781935955757
$USD $15.95 · CAD $17.50 ·Trade Paper
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