Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Since we're doing the Blog Tour, Cinco Puntos would like to add an outlier to the mix: SLJ'S Karen Silverman's Morris Finalist blog. Of great interest is the comment section where librarians and others get in a heated discussion about Karen dissing GABI, A GIRL IN PIECES for it's lack of a Spanish language glossary for the slang plus it's street-wise vision.

Writers' Rumpus finds the protagonist of The Carnival at Bray "an honest-to-goodness real teen with a good heart, in spite of the forces working against her."

YA Bibliophile, we get an awesome guest post from Len Vlahos (Scar Boys) talking about his writing process--on the New York subway train! He says, "The Scar Boys was edited on the commuter train, the sequel, Scar Girl, was written and edited on the train, and two more novels were written the same way. I’ve told my wife that if I ever stop working in New York City, I’m going to need a train pass just to write. (That’s not really true, but I would miss it.)"

Wacky Momma Reads continues her odyssey into the Morris Finalists with a review of The Story of Owen.

Twinja Book Reviews continues with a review of Gabi, a Girl in Pieces. They point out that Gabi doesn't "follow the 'typical' formula of storytelling"--a fact that makes those of us at Cinco Puntos proud!

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