Friday, December 23, 2016

WATCH Joe Hayes Tell Holiday Stories: A Christmas Gift from Joe and Cinco Puntos

This holiday weekend, grab a blanket, your loved ones and curl up for tales about the coldest winter imaginable, a very special donkey, and kindness offered during the Festival of Lights.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hal-La-Loo-Ya! There's a new tall tale by Joe Hayes

Lucky us! Lucky you! We get to send you another one of Joe Hayes’ really tall tales. And he teams up once again with award-winning illustrator Antonio Castro L.

Remember The Gum-Chewing Rattler? My Pet Rattlesnake? The Love-Sick Skunk?—those wonderful stretched-out stories that came straight up from Joe’s owl-eyed kid days in Arizona and Antonio's magic with art. Once again, Joe's mastery at spinning a good yarn and Antonio's magic of bringing a story to visual life are a winning combination!

Grandpa's Hal-La-Loo-Ya Hambone! 

By Joe Hayes
Illustrated by Antonio Castro L.

Hardcover 978-1-941026-54 $16.95

Paperback 978-1-941026-55 $7.95

eBook 978-1-941026-56-5

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This time around, in Grandpa's Hal-A-Loo-Ya Hambone!, Joe remembers how his parents, who grew up during the Great Depression, would talk about making do with whatever little bit they had. They really knew how to make do! His economy-minded mom—or so he says—used one hambone week after week to flavor the beans they ate for Sunday dinner, much to his grandpa’s delight. But it was Grandpa’s false teeth that really became attached to that hambone, so attached, in fact, that they wouldn’t let go of it. The story ends with a splash! when Grandpa’s false teeth fall down the well and that recycled hambone comes to the rescue.

Do you and your family a favor, watch Joe Hayes tell The Hal-A-Loo-Ya Hambone on YouTube, and then order up some copies of the book.

Like Joe's miraculous hambone, generations of children have been reading and re-reading his books, so much so that librarians will tell you that his books leave the library more than they do! Kids today— their mothers, fathers and grandparents before them—delight in the imaginary worlds of Joe's stories. Like Joe’s grandpa knew for a fact, his stories are like a hambone. They keep on flavoring a good pot of beans when it’s storytelling time.

JOE HAYES is an award-winning, nationally acclaimed children’s book author and one of America’s premier storytellers. Whether it’s writing or telling bilingual stories or spinning outrageous yarns from his growing up, Joe is always at home celebrating the imagination of childhood. In 2010, New Mexico named Joe the New Mexico Centennial Storyteller, a storyteller so good he only comes around once every hundred years!

Don′t forget Joe′s other tall tale classics!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Have A Lucha Libre Christmas — and Save 25%

Wow! Max becomes a Prince of Lucha Libre in the third book in Xavier Garza’s award winning Lucha Libre series!

Maximilian and the Lucha Libre Club: A Lucha Libre Sequel By Xavier Garza
Junior Library Guild Selection
eBook 978-1-941026-42-7
In this, the third installation of the Max’s Lucha Libre Adventures series, the fights still rage on. As far as Max is concerned, things should just be the way he thinks they should be: he and Cecilia, though she’s moved to LA, are still in love. And the new so-fun girl named Paloma is just only a friend.
At least, that’s how it is according to the myopic Max. But despite all his plans, the match is on between Cecilia and the very-present but maddening Paloma, both vying for the noble wild heart that sixth-grade Max doesn’t quite understand he has. The boy lives a double life. To Leo, he’s a best friend and to Cecilia, he’s a boyfriend but he can’t reveal to either one of them—though he can to Paloma—that in reality, he’s a prince, descended through his mother from royal blood, his uncle the most famous luchador of all time, the very king of lucha libre: The Guardian Angel.  

    Praise for Xavier GarzaMaximilian Series

    Maximilian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel

    2012 Pura Belpré Honor Book        ALA Notable Children’s Books, 2012
    Garza—an author, artist, and storyteller—paints larger-than-life portraits of the luchadores and offers readers authentic insights into the exciting world of lucha libre...Bold, black-and-white comic-style art opens each chapter and gives readers a sense of what the luchadores look like. With its quick pace, humor, and endearing characters, this title—like Garza’s picture book Lucha Libre (2005)—is sure to turn more kids into lucha libre fans. 
    Garza has done it again...a unique middle grade novel that pays homage to the Mexican tradition of masked wrestlers...We don't often see middle grade novels that are bilingual and that include male Latino protagonists. Garza and Cinco Puntos Press have really outdone themselves in hitting on all of these areas that are lacking in the world of children's books...Here's to more books like this in the near future! 

    Maximilian and the Bingo Rematch

    Texas Institute of Letters Award for Best Children's Book 
    Garza employs plenty of humor and a first-person voice that rings true to Maximilian’s character. The story includes enough action to satisfy most fans while broadening its focus to reflect the increasing complexities in the boy’s life…an outstanding choice.

    Short chapters and the bilingual format (English text is on the left with Spanish translation on facing pages) make this book a quick read, great for reluctant readers. Readers who enjoyed the first title will be pleased to continue reading about Max and his family.

    XAVIER GARZA is truly a South Texas legend, but now his legend is growing throughout Texas and the whole country, especially after receiving an ALA Pura Belpre Honor Book designation for his chapter book, Maximillian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel, and critical acclaim in the New York Times for The Great and Mighty Nikko. Young boys, of course, love his great books about lucha libre. A public school teacher, Xavier continues being a prolific author, artist and storyteller in schools and public events. His work is a lively documentation of the dreams, superstitions, and heroes in the bigger-than-life world of South Texas, and he especially enjoys sharing his stories with kids around the country. He lives with his wife and son in San Antonio, Texas. 

    The Great and Mighty Nikko
    A Bilingual Counting Book By Xavier Garza

    Nikko wrestles all of the masked luchadores jumping on his bed. And he counts them at the same time!
    This bilingual counting book makes a great stocking stuffer.  Buy now from Cinco Puntos!