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By Luis San Vicente
On Mexico's Day of the Dead, the skeletons jump for sheer joy. And no wonder: they’ve been cooped up the whole year long and now they’re ready to party. Watch the calaveras shake, rattle and roll as they celebrate the biggest event of the graveyard’s social calendar!
Ages 3-6

By Cynthia Weill 
Welcome to the family! It’s just like yours: father, mother, sister, brother, abuelita, gato. Well, there’s something just a little bit different about this family. Maybe it’s those clothes they wear … just a little bit fashion backward. And the colors! So vibrant and … lively. Maybe that’s what it is. They are just so full of life. Familia-life. 

Ages 3-6

By Joe Hayes
Have you ever heard the story of La Llorona, the ghost woman they say is crying and crying for her children? Some people say she cries along the river, while others think they’ve heard her in the desert, or down an alley right near their house. But almost everyone agrees that La Llorona is not a lady you want to meet late at night, when you’re out past your bedtime. Then you might learn more about her than you ever wanted to know!
Ages 8 to Adult

By Joe Hayes
Do you believe in ghosts? Elena Padilla’s father didn’t, and that’s a shame, because his disbelief ends up making Elena a very sick girl. Lucky for Elena that her grandmother knows all about the mysterious ways of ghosts. With her grandmother’s help and advice, Elena solves the mystery of the ghost girl, recuperates from her ghost fever and, in the process, learns a valuable lesson about life.
Ages 12-15, Middle Grade Reader

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A new YouTube collection features over a hundred free stories told by master storyteller Joe Hayes.
STORYTELLER JOE HAYES has given all of us a great gift, a gift especially for the kids, teachers and parents who love to hear him tell stories. Yes, Joe has put all of his stories on video in the Joe Hayes YouTube Channel, totally free, just for the clicking!

WATCH: Here are some of Joe’s best loved stories!

THE GUM CHEWING RATTLER Is it true that rattle snakes can chew gum? Is it true that Joe’s tall tales are as tall as he is?

THE DAY IT SNOWED TORTILLAS Oh, this is one of Joe’s signature stories. And a personal favorite for those of us here at Cinco Puntos Press. It’s like a “tall tale” in a way, but it comes from the Northern New Mexico Spanish tradition. It’s about a very wise woman who protects her silly husband from robbers by making it snow tortillas!

Joe Hayes’ most famous bilingual story, LA LLORONA, THE WEEPING WOMAN. Be careful. It’s a real scary ghost story. Anywhere you go in the American Southwest, you’ll hear kids whispering about La Llorona, especially when it gets dark.

Watch Joe tell the story of​​ ​PÁJARO VERDE​ / THE GREEN BIRD​. Through many twists and turns, a green bird wins the heart​​ of a beautiful girl who happens to be the only one in her family who has two eyes!

Watch All The Videos In The Joe Hayes Video Collection

B​e on the lookout for GRANDPA’S HAL-LA-LOO-YAH HAMBONE, ​Joe's latest tall tale, ​which will be available in late October.

According to the story, Joe Hayes’ mother knew how to stretch the family’s budget nearly as well as Joe streeeeeetches the truth.

Kids today grow up knowing all about recycling. But when Joe Hayes was a kid, recycling hadn't been invented. Money was so tight for his family that they had to be inventive about reusing everything. And when the family splurged for a fat hambone to flavor their beans, Joe's mother was determined to make it last as long as possible.

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