Wednesday, October 12, 2016

You've Been Warned: This Jammin' YA Voice is in Full Effect

Rani Patel In Full Effect Now Available

Congratulations to debut author Sonia Patel!

Starred Reviews for Rani Patel in Full Effect

“A powerfully particular, 100 percent genuine character commands this gutsy debut.” Kirkus STARRED Review, July 15, 2016 And then Kirkus came back again with more great praise: “It hits on the long term effects of colonialism on culture and religion and economy; it deals with addiction in terms of how it affects people, families, and the larger culture; it deals with politics and protest and community action.” Kirkus, October 3, 2016.

“Sonia Patel sets her powerful debut novel in 1991, filling it with bygone rap references and an electric verbal blend of Gujarati, slang, Hawaiian pidgin, and the rhymes Rani crafts. Patel compassionately portrays Rani’s entangled emotions, lack of self-confidence, and burgeoning sense of empowerment as she moves forward from trauma.” Publishers Weekly STARRED Review, Aug 1, 2016

“…Rani's voice, oscillating from righteous anger to thrilling pride, swooning crushes, and heartbreaking insecurity, will resonate with many, even those with little to no familiarity with Rani’s background. Vivid, bold, and passionate.”  Booklist STARRED Review, September 1, 2016

“Her story will appeal to readers who prefer gritty, darker fiction without a pat, happy ending, and characters who don’t always overcome their challenges but must face them repeatedly. VERDICT A strong, unique choice for YA collections.” School Library Journal STARRED Review, October 11, 2016

Hip-Hop, Sexual Abuse, and Reconciliation: Sonia Patel on Rani in Full Effect:
School Library Journal’s Shelley Diaz interview with Sonia Patel, author of Rani Patel in Full Effect. Sept 26, 2016

What's Up With Rani Patel?

Almost seventeen, Rani Patel appears to be a kick-ass Indian girl breaking cultural norms as a hip-hop performer in full effect. But in truth, she's a nerdy flat-chested nobody who lives with her Gujarati immigrant parents on the remote Hawaiian island of Moloka'i, isolated from her high school peers by the unsettling norms of Indian culture where "husband is God." Her parents' traditionally arranged marriage is a sham. Her dad turns to her for all his needs—even the intimate ones. When Rani catches him two-timing with a woman barely older than herself, she feels like a widow and, like widows in India are often made to do, she shaves off her hair. Her sexy bald head and hard-driving rhyming skills attract the attention of Mark, the hot older customer who frequents her parents' store and is closer in age to her dad than to her. Mark makes the moves on her and Rani goes with it. He leads Rani into 4eva Flowin', an underground hip hop crew—and into other things she's never done. Rani ignores the red flags. Her naive choices look like they will undo her but ultimately give her the chance to discover her strengths and restore the things she thought she'd lost, including her mother.

Rani Patel In Full Effect
Available in hardcover, paperback and digitally.

eBook 978-1-941026-51-9 $11.95
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WATCH: Sonia Patel Reads From Rani’s Point of View 

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