Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cinco Puntos Booth 1852: Meet Sonia, Cynthia, Lee and Bobby in Atlanta

    If you’re in Atlanta, stop by and meet Bobby and Lee Byrd, Morris Award finalist Sonia Patel, and First Concepts creator Cynthia Weill.

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    Rani Patel in Full Effect
    By Sonia Patel
    Paperback 978-1-941026-50-2
    eBook 978-1-941026-51-9
    Hardcover 978-1-941026-49-6

    Starred Reviews for Rani Patel 
    "Gutsy debut." —Kirkus Reviews
    "Packed with an empowering feminist message.” —Booklist
    “A strong, unique choice for YA collections.” —School Library Journal

    First Concepts: 
    Board Book Collection
    All five rounded-corner board books in the series are told In Spanish and English.

    ABeCedarios / Letters: "An outstanding alphabet book, this is highly recommended..." —Críticas
    Opuestos / Opposites: "Direct and charming." —Publishers Weekly
    Colores de la Vida / Colors: "The sculptures are hypnotic." —Publishers Weekly
    Count Me In / Numbers: "This peek into Mexico’s art and traditions is certainly one of the most joyous children will encounter." —Kirkus Reviews
    Animal Talk / Animal Sounds: "This interactive picture book is sure to be a young crowd-pleaser and storytime favorite." —School Library Journal


    Kirkus Reviews calls the YA fiction debut by Jazz Guitarist Donavon Mixon, “An existential examination of the cycle of violence.” 

    The Right Way To Be 
    Crippled & Naked
    Paperback 978-1-941026-35-9

    “The voices and experiences represented here are plural. The perspectives of writers with disabilities are not monolithic, nor is there one way to write from those perspectives.” —Kirkus Reviews

    eBook     978-1-941026-63-2    $11.95

    Series Finale of D-Bow Hoops Series
    “Packed with ... action, but also impressively multifaceted, as it examines neighborhood rivalries, the tremendous pressures that come with making one’s first adult decisions, and the values of both teamwork and individuality.” —Publisher’s Weekly

    The Last Cigarette On Earth
    Paperback 978-1-941026-65-6

    A major Latino writer’s intimate but healing journey through addiction, human desire and broken love.
    He loved beer
    and crack. He loved heroin, ecstasy, the sad music
    of the bars. He said he loved you too. 
    —From "He Leaves a Message in the Middle of the Night"

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