Book 4 D-Bow’s High School Hoops Series
by Kevin Waltman

Tune in for the big finale: It’s D-Bow’s senior year! 
Senior Year. Glory time! But nothing’s easy. Girls. Family. The rehabbed knee. And there’s this white guy. S’up with that?

D-Bow’s game has it all, and colleges are taking notice. But he’s still rehabbing a knee injury and his job as Marion East point guard is under threat. Plus he’s got family drama. And girl trouble. Can he put it all together for his senior season? Or will he crash and burn like so many Marion East players before him?

Praise for Kevin Waltman’s D-Bow’s High School Hoops Series

“Packed with ... action, but also impressively multifaceted, as it examines neighborhood rivalries, the tremendous pressures that come with making one’s first adult decisions, and the values of both teamwork and individuality.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“…Waltman wrings drama from believable day-to-day trials and triumphs, and he spikes the plot with extended play-by-plays called in Derrick’s voice, putting readers on court in the middle of the action.” —The Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

978-1-941026-63-2, ebook $11.95

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Published December 2016

KEVIN WALTMAN lived in Indiana for 18 years, played high school hoops. He remains a huge basketball fan. QUICKS is his sixth YA novel. His first two, both from Scholastic, are Nowhere Fast (2002) and Learning the Game (2005). The remaining four are a part of the D-Bow’s High School Hoops series. Kevin is an instructor at the University of Alabama and lives in Coker with his wife Jessica, their daughter Calla, their baby boy Holling and their dog Henry.

Praise for Kevin Waltman’s 4-Part D-Bow Hoops Series

NEXT, Freshman Year

KIRKUS—“Waltman’s series opener (first of a planned four) features plenty of basketball action fueled by hoops slang that will set basketball-mad readers right onto the court … The author avoids slam-dunk answers, leaving readers poised for the next book. Like Derrick, this series is off to a promising high school career.”

SLUMP, Sophomore Year

KIRKUS—“Having just been edged out by archrivals Hamilton Academy last year at Regionals [in the series opener NEXT], this year Derrick and his teammates plan to beat them—and then some… Waltman balances blazing hoops action against Derrick’s emotional growth. He and Coach Bolden continue to butt heads, but this year Derrick is better able to trust him; their developing relationship is complex and gratifying. Also nuanced is Derrick’s emerging sexuality; he learns quickly that losing his virginity comes with complications…With its deft balance of play-by-play action and off-the-court drama, this series scores.”

Pull, Junior Year

KIRKUS—“Readers who have followed D-Boy through his first two years at Marion East will find themselves slipping effortlessly back into his life, his candid, present-tense narration comfortably familiar. … Kevin Waltman continues to keep it both fresh and real for D-Bow.”

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