CINCO PUNTOS LOVES THE FOLKS AT INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES! And this is why! They read books. They love books. They hands-sell books they love. And it's so great when they love a Cinco Puntos Press book. Here are booksellers from around the country celebrating and hand-selling All Around Us (978-1-941026-76-2) by Xelena Gonzalez and illustrated by Adriana M. Garcia. 

“All Around Us is the best book I've read all year! There is great potential for handselling this title.The message is simple but profound— and the art work is stunning! I place a copy in the hands of all who enter our children's section and watch the magic unfold.”—Susan Post, owner of Book Woman, Austin, Texas.

“I LOVE this book! Thank you!  What a blessing!”—Claudia Maceo, The Twig Book Shop, San Antonio, TX

“A stunningly beautiful look at circles and cycles, family and tradition.”—Cecilia Cackley, East City Book Shop, Washington, DC

“Not everyone sees life and time as linear  as portrayed in this genuine and tender conversation between a grandfather and his granddaughter as they explore the significance of the circle both in their immediate day but also the history of their family and culture.  An authentic voice of perspective that is needed in our diverse world that begs for books that reflect the uniqueness of our multifaceted world.”— Jesica Sweedler Dehart of Bookpeople of Moscow, Idaho

“Okay, I am ready to sell All Around Us! It is beautiful.  I answered the phone just as I closed the book.  I couldn't say hello for a couple of seconds because I had tears welling up.”—Connie Griffin, Bookworks, Albuquerque, NM


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